Cefalù festivals – what’s the recipe?

Festivals. In the UK this conjures up images of mud, pop or rock music. Alternatively it means a holiday for lots of people, when they are likely to go shopping. In Cefalù, festivals are done

The perfect way to dive into Cefalù

April is a strange time of year for me. It’s no longer the winter, but it’s not yet warm. Work is crazy, but holidays are starting to become a reality. It’s a time for

Cefalù in May or June? Go for it, but be quick!

If you’re umming and ahhing about whether or not to book a week or two away this May or June then treat yourself to a great holiday in Cefalù. May and June in Cefalù

Struggling with the language in Cefalù?

Let’s be honest. The English speaking world tends to be phenomenally lazy when it comes to speaking other languages. I freely admit to quite enjoying sitting in Piazza Duomo watching the tourists arrive in Cefalù

Ferragosto in Cefalù – When was the last time you obeyed a Roman emperor? And where should you sleep?

There are so many reasons that being in Cefalù in mid August is a great thing to do. Ferragosto is one of those great reasons, but it may be a bit of a surprise. 15