Cefalù sunrises – where are they best viewed?

For some people the last thing they want is to do on holiday is see any sunrise – the bars and clubs, brimming in the early hours of an August Sunday morning are a

A slice of life and a close shave in Cefalù – a visit to Arte e Capelli is a MUST DO in Cefalù

La bella figura is alive and well in Cefalù, Sicily. For the locals that includes dressing up on a Saturday evening (or indeed a Friday and Sunday evening) and wandering around Cefalù’s streets. But

Why you should Yo.Go in Cefalù

Let’s face it Cefalù is already a great place for snacks when it’s hot. Whether it’s a granita, or an ice-cream, there are lots of shops offering similar produce. There is, however, only one Yo.Go

Cefalù fruit and veg – what’s in season?

I’m always amazed by the green-grocers in Cefalù. Cefalù fruit and veg has its own rules, is delivered in a very specific way and can be fraught with danger! In the UK I’m used to wandering into

Cefalù olives anyone? Cefalù has whatever you need!

Olives are one of those strange things and in Cefalù they can be a major source of division! Cefalù olives are phenomenal…but, of course, they are not for everyone! For example, in my family there