That first coffee of the day in Cefalù

The coffee in Cefalù is excellent and abundant – you can grab an espresso in bars throughout the city. You can take your time over an americano, reading the local newspaper, checking your email in

You’re not wearing that! Cefalù street gear…

For many of us winter is on the way and summer is but a distant memory. There is, however, one way to etch your memory into that of the locals. There is a way

Cefalù – the Kona of Sicily

Dive in…and let’s get started. We’ll need to get a rhythm going, but once we’re in the zone we can think clearly. At the time of writing the professional athletes are asleep (probably restlessly)

Cefalù supermarkets – go big or go small?

In the UK you can hardly walk for 100 metres in any particular town without tripping over a supermarket – we’re talking major, huge edifice, or “metro” store. The same applies in Cefalù really…but you

Pistachios on everything in Cefalù

There’s one thing the locals are nuts about in Cefalù. Pistachios.  If you like them you’re in for a real treat! If you don’t like pistachios don’t worry you won’t starve on your holiday in Cefalù