Cefalù olives anyone? Cefalù has whatever you need!

Olives are one of those strange things and in Cefalù they can be a major source of division! Cefalù olives are phenomenal…but, of course, they are not for everyone! For example, in my family there

Ssssh! It’s May in Cefalù!

This is one of those posts that I write with mixed feelings. On the one hand, wandering around Cefalù either during the day, or at night and seeing so few people does make it feel

Iper Sidis is dead…long live the Cefalù Deco Supermarket!

Imagine our surprise…hungry, longing for Greek Yoghurt and knowing there’s only one place to go. Super Ipis in Cefalù. And then…I see an advert for another supermarket and start to become suspicious! And then, with

Oh yes…there’s a big rock…

It is one of the strange things about being in Cefalù…you wander round enjoying the narrow streets, the sound of the waves hitting the shore, the ice cream and coffee, and then, all of

Why coffee doesn’t get any better than this…

Let’s face it, I’m really picky when it comes to coffee. The simpler the better as far as I’m concerned… And Cefalù knows how to deliver! I wake up early – much to the