Something fishy in Cefalù? Where should you get your Cefalù fish

This may sound obvious, but Cefalù is by the sea…and there are plenty more fish in the sea! Fish is not the cheapest thing to eat but with a few tips we can tell you

A Cefalù Sicily SatNav adventure

Well done. You’ve bitten the bullet and decided to hire a car in Cefalù. You’ve even decided to hire a SATNAV system. Perhaps you picked it up at the airport and are on the way

The downsides of a Cefalù holiday

I tend to be a positive person. I tend to see the silver lining and be unaware of the cloud that it borders. There are some times, however, when I have to give in

Cefalù sunrises – where are they best viewed?

For some people the last thing they want is to do on holiday is see any sunrise – the bars and clubs, brimming in the early hours of an August Sunday morning are a

A slice of life and a close shave in Cefalù – a visit to Arte e Capelli is a MUST DO in Cefalù

La bella figura is alive and well in Cefalù, Sicily. For the locals that includes dressing up on a Saturday evening (or indeed a Friday and Sunday evening) and wandering around Cefalù’s streets. But